The tournament is restricted to the following individuals:

The Owners of property in Sandilands, Sutton-on-Sea or Huttoft, and their immediate family and house guests.

The Owners/Rate Payers of Beach Chalets in Sandilands, Sutton-on-Sea or Huttoft.

Where a Chalet is in joint ownership, a maximum of two owners and their immediate families are eligible to enter the Tournament.

Where an entrant pays the rates on another person's Chalet only the Rate Payer's immediate family is eligible to play. In this situation the written confirmation of the Owner that the entrant has paid the rates is required.

A Sole Chalet Owner only may nominate a Chalet Guest(s) to play in the Sandilands Tennis Tournament which include a parent(s) and his/her/their children ("family"). This rule does not apply to chalets in dual ownership (see rule 1bi).

Property and Chalet Owners will be responsible for the behaviour of their Guests. Competitors must respect the Court Owners generosity in allowing the Tournament to use their private property.


Courts must only be used for matches organised by the Tournament. Access to courts after close of play each day is strictly by arrangement with the Owners.


Players who enter the Under 12's or Under 14's events are NOT eligible to play in any other events other than at the discretion of the organisers.


Senior Competitors must check orders of play and be available on court at the end of the match before their own. Any competitor who is not available to play when required will be allowed 15 minutes then scratched. It is the responsibility of each player to follow each day's Order of Play. This is posted in the Tournament Office each preceding evening.


Junior Competitors (Under 10's, 12's and 14's) must report to Haryotts Court by 8.45am on Monday for a pre tournament briefing.


U16’s must report to the tournament office at 8.45am on Monday for a pre tournament briefing.


Play will begin at 9.00am and continue as directed by the Tournament Referee. Players may be required to play more than once a day.


Competitors must wear Tennis Whites, including mainly white tennis shoes. Failure to wear Tennis Whites risks disqualification.


Players must make themselves available for umpiring when requested.


In the Under 14's Semi-Finals all matches will be one short set with tie break at 6 all, in the final it will be the best of three sets with tie breaks and a long final set. A copy of the LTA official tie break rules will be on each court.


In the Senior events the matches will be the best of three set with tie breaks in sets one and two and a Championship tie break in the third. In the final all sets will play regular tie breaks.


Players take part in the Tournament at their own risk. In addition the Tournament and Court Owners accept no responsibility for the safe keeping of personal possession of either competitors or spectators. Please secure bicycles and leave in an appropriate space when not in use.


Legal restrictions on photography of all individuals must be observed. The Tournament Organisers may wish to take photographs for publicity purposes. Provision is made on the entry form for those who DO NOT wish themselves, or juveniles for whom they are responsible, to be photographed.


The decision of the Tournament Referee and Committee on any matter is final and binding.


The committee has the right to accept, or decline, any entry.